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Binge Watching: Altered Carbon

Within my social circle there is the saying: Netflix ist der Teufel. (Netflix is the devil./ネット不利クスは魔王です。) Because it makes you sit in front of the computer and consume videos. I … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Physics: Leonardo´s Bridge

Like most children I didn´t like my physics lessons in school. Why should I do and learn some unwieldy formulas about something I probably wouldn´t ever need? Mathematics suffers even … Continue reading

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Reading Time: Political and media scientific analysis.

So one of the books is finally down The title translates as: Wolverine becomes a congressman. About the political potential of comic movies. The author tries to apply two differing … Continue reading

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Reading Time: Thinking fast and slow

So this book came to me as an unexpected present and it reminded me, that you should gift other people with books more often. I never before heard of the … Continue reading

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Reading Time: Michio Kaku

After a long hiatus, I have been reading a little bit and want to write about it. Michio Kaku is somewhat famous as the “physics guy” here and there, as … Continue reading

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Reading Time: Japanese (Pseudo-)History

A book that I should have read a long time ago, but somehow never did. Nelly Nauman: Die Mythen des alten Japan (The Myth of old Japan). Nauman as an … Continue reading

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Verdummung 2.5: Misspelling and imperfect slogans

So again I came about some very irritating lines which are intended for a specific purpose but fail more or less specatcular. Let´s start with the one in the image. … Continue reading

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Going to town: Conference tomorrow

So less posting here than I wanted the last two weeks, but it is coming. I have been busy painting so expect a longer update on this one next week. … Continue reading

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Readings: Fairy Tales and Physics

So all the drama in my life has not stopped me from reading, actually quite the opposite, reading makes you think and more thinking means less brooding. Something I am … Continue reading

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Reading Time: Theories and Fairy Tales

Hello there again, has been sometime now, mostly due to the current heat wave around here, sitting at the computer is not what I do very regularly. We even got … Continue reading

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