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The new data thing as of 2018

As the new rules for data security are now live as of the end of May 2018 and I am not a lawyer, I hope I do this right.

As of now Comments are disabled, as such no one is able to leave a name here. I deleted all comments not made by myself. I am sorry, to do that. Thanks again for everyone who commented honestly, you know who you are.

This page is the only one where you can comment, as to give anyone who wants his status as a follower deleted from this page a way to contact me. Every comment on this page will be deleted within 14 days, without being used for anything. With the exception of deleting one from the aforementioned list.

This blog is in no way commercial, WordPress does count visitors and views, I use this information for nothing, except once a year for a post in which I tell everyone who is interested how many people follow me here. Once I figure out a way to have wordpress not count these things I´ll use it.

Any advertisement that shows up here, is not controlled by me, as this is a free account. I intend to upgrade it someday this year, I then will remove any ads.

I know this law was designed to hurt companies who misuse data, still, could have been done better.


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